Sunday, 13 January 2013

Peter Rabbit Inspiration

I love browsing online for all sorts of inspiration. I find Pinterest is an amazing wealth of extraordinary images. If you ever are stuck for ideas it is well worth browsing, of course Google Images is exceptional as well. I am in the process of planning my little boys 2nd Birthday, which will be combined with my friends daughters Birthday. After thinking about it for probably 5 minutes it was an easy desicion on theme. The Tale of Peter Rabbit & Jemima Puddle duck. In my head I have images of ducks wearing bonnets, and a scarecrow made with a blue jacket, An edible vegetable patch, and beautiful flowers filling tin watering cans, cupcakes (of course), and a beautiful Wedgewood blue and lemon 2 tier decorated cake, Of course plenty of lollies in Blue, Yellow, and cream, as well as a little white picket fence, a separate drink station, Custom party bags with favours of seedlings and a lavender plant... So I guess its easy to say my mind has created some big grandoise dreams. I find it exciting to plan parties and events, and for my own children it seems to be the perfect excuse to try all the wonderful things that I may never be able to do again. My children would have to be my hardest critics (after myself), they expect a lot from their poor mamma. Here is what I have been pinning for inspiration.

created by Hello Naomi,
Isn't this simply divine!!!
I think it is even better because this talented lady and myself share the same name.

Pinned Image
Created by Cintamani
... sigh perfection in a flower pot.

I would love to know what colour scheme you think would work. I hope you are enjoying the New Year so far. I look forward to sharing sweet inspiration, ideas, and whimsy and romantic events for 2013 with you all.

 Made by Little Cakes ...
if you read the blog post she wrote you would see all the amazing details, and it even is a mini tutorial

 For the love of all things sweet



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