Sunday, 13 January 2013

Peter Rabbit Inspiration

I love browsing online for all sorts of inspiration. I find Pinterest is an amazing wealth of extraordinary images. If you ever are stuck for ideas it is well worth browsing, of course Google Images is exceptional as well. I am in the process of planning my little boys 2nd Birthday, which will be combined with my friends daughters Birthday. After thinking about it for probably 5 minutes it was an easy desicion on theme. The Tale of Peter Rabbit & Jemima Puddle duck. In my head I have images of ducks wearing bonnets, and a scarecrow made with a blue jacket, An edible vegetable patch, and beautiful flowers filling tin watering cans, cupcakes (of course), and a beautiful Wedgewood blue and lemon 2 tier decorated cake, Of course plenty of lollies in Blue, Yellow, and cream, as well as a little white picket fence, a separate drink station, Custom party bags with favours of seedlings and a lavender plant... So I guess its easy to say my mind has created some big grandoise dreams. I find it exciting to plan parties and events, and for my own children it seems to be the perfect excuse to try all the wonderful things that I may never be able to do again. My children would have to be my hardest critics (after myself), they expect a lot from their poor mamma. Here is what I have been pinning for inspiration.

created by Hello Naomi,
Isn't this simply divine!!!
I think it is even better because this talented lady and myself share the same name.

Pinned Image
Created by Cintamani
... sigh perfection in a flower pot.

I would love to know what colour scheme you think would work. I hope you are enjoying the New Year so far. I look forward to sharing sweet inspiration, ideas, and whimsy and romantic events for 2013 with you all.

 Made by Little Cakes ...
if you read the blog post she wrote you would see all the amazing details, and it even is a mini tutorial

 For the love of all things sweet



Sunday, 23 December 2012

CALLING ALL SUPERHEROES: Help save the Milk Bar!

Once upon a time in a land not to far away, there was an amazing event by Tiny Tots Toy Hire which I was asked to contribute to as Cupcake party.

CALLING ALL SUPERHEROES: Help save the Milk Bar!

It was amazingly beautiful and I am thankful I was able to take part in this massive collaboration of extremely talented people. Everyone added a special touch to the day as you can see I hope you enjoy looking through the photos from 

Popcorn stand, how retro!

Milk bar, I just love the look of this table so much.

Vintage Lemonade stand, was a perfect addition to the days events.

Everyone loves a Superhero...  the colour combination on this table was sensational!

Superhero Table...

Look at the gorgeous cookie pops!!! They perfectly matched the invite design.

Superhero Cupcakes!

Looks like the Children had fun!

Party guests recieved these cool Lunch boxes...

For the love of all things sweet... 

Naomi xxx


Event management, party printables range, all props, toys and party hire: Tiny Tots Toy Hire

Dessert table styling: Sophisticated Yum

Superhero capes, masks, kit bags and bibs: Bee Stitched

Milk Bar Cake: Spoon and Fork Cookies & Cakes

Superhero cake and cupcakes: Cupcake Party

All cookies (choc chip, melting moments and superhero cookie pops): Design My Cupcake

Cake pops, Sundae push pops and bomb cake bites: Theme My Party

Superhero entertainers:

Kids lunch boxes (all healthy options): Busy Bee Boxes

Lollipop hair tie favors and photo props: Charli Mae

Macarons: Her Macarons

Party ware: The Party Studio

Confectionary: The Professors Lolly Shop
French dessert (Choux à la crème): Fleur De Sel

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Party

I created this party for the ever so talented Carmen Coggan, who is not only a very talented photographer but also an extremely lovely friend. It was clear that a Wonka themed Party would be perfect for her daughters Birthday. Let it be called "Tilly and the Chocolate factory." The party was conducted in Jugiong in beautiful Country NSW. A perfect location, at the Party children enjoyed fun games, and face painting. All the beautiful pictures are supplied from Carmen Coggan Photography.
I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I loved creating this colourful event.

Fizzy Lifting drink, Wonka bars, and Gobstoppers, it doesn't get any wonkier than that.
Rainbow lollies from The professors Lolly shop helped make the cake stand out.

Personalised Wonka Bars... Added so much fun to the party.

"Oh, you should never, never doubt what nobody is sure about. 
We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams."
Willy Wonka

Styling cupcakes, cake pops and cake: Styling Elegance 
Printables design: Metro Events

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pretty Garden Tea Party

I created this party for my daughters 4th Birthday. She has always been obsessed with acting like a little lady and obviously High tea suited her to a "tea". The morning party was made complete with finger sandwiches and quaint desserts, and of course a serving of pink lemonade served in fine China or flavored milk in tea cups. The girls danced the hours away and played pass the parcel. Party favours included pretty pink tutus and "pearl" necklaces, and ribbon wands which were handed out in white couture shopping bags with thank you notes. (As ladies of leisure I thought it was important they walked away with a shopping bag full of pearls and other pretties.) It was a lot of fun to create.
Hope you enjoy the photos.
Vanilla cake with piped swirls was a sweet touch to the party

Enjoying "high tea"
On the menu...
Tea Party setting.
Personalised paper bunting flags, and a DIY ribbon background added a nice touch. To make a ribbon background all you need is a piece of string and a whole lot of ribbon in different colours and sizes, simply cut and tie to string... Voila a colourful touch to any dessert table, lolly buffet, or event. Tissue pom poms also helped to set the table off.
Ah- Tissue Tissue pom poms, totally gorgeous.

ribbon backdrop close up
I love this "vintage" Lemonade crate, I can't remember the name of the shop that I bought it from, but It was in New Zealand, I bought it ages ago, and this Tea Party was the perfect place to use it. The mini glass milk bottles and straws were from The Little Big Company and were filled with Pink Lemonade, and accented with printables from                      Sweet Scarlett Designs

Sweets and Desserts were placed on indoor furniture outside, this helped with the Vintage girly theme. The table this is on actually was polished timber before, so of course I had to paint it white to match my theme, probably much to my husbands horror, but he agreed it did look good in the end.

Found this beautiful bunting flag at Pink Frosting, among other party supplies.

Hugs with the birthday girls BFF. Awwwwwwwww

Cupcakes in teacups... Simply bake your cupcakes inside teacups, and ice with pretty swirls of butter cream icing. These were very popular, all the mums (and dads) loved them.

Beautiful Vintage bedroom side drawers were delightful to place desserts on.
Personalised water bottles added a nice touch, and sure helped when the weather warmed up.

The Birthday girl blowing out her candles, this had to be done a few times as all the kids wanted a turn to blow them out, and the wind wasn't helping. 

Cake anyone?

The Birthday girl posing for photos

Little girls are precious gifts, wrapped in love serene. Their dresses tied with sashes and futures tied with dreams.
-- Author Unknown

Birthday Girl Dress & Head band:
Vintage wares sourced from:
and local thrift stores
Styling and cakes by
Glassware and straws from
Printable design by
Tissue pom poms :
Ribbon wands and other assorted party favours

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sugar Plum Tree - life inspiration

A few sweet words by Naomi.

As a child my fondest memories arose from sitting on my dads knee and listening to a wonderful poem: The sugar-Plum Tree. I used to sit there taking in every word and imagining this wonderful sweet place, with chocolate cats, and sugar plums. I always remember the vivid images it created. So vivid infact I could almost taste the beautiful delights. Every night I would listen to the same enchanting poem, and never loose enthusiasm or passion for the contents, or for sitting with my dad sharing, and laughing together. I never doubted for a minute that the land of Sugar Plums was not real... How could it not be. Now many years later I realise that although the magical Tree may not exist there is no reason we can not create the same magic today in our modern world. All it takes us a pinch of imagination, a dash of determination, a nip of appreciation and a whole lot of love. As the owner of Styling Elegance I hope to use these to create for you magical, enchanting, delightful, romantic events including dessert tables and lolly Buffets, Couture Cakes, and an online Boutique.
Styling Elegance for the love of all things sweet.

Naomi xxx 

The Sugar-Plum Tree - Eugene Field (abv. version)

HAVE you ever heard of the Sugar-Plum Tree?     
'Tis a marvel of great renown!      
It blooms on the shore of the Lollypop Sea     
In the garden of Shut-Eye Town;      
The fruit that it bears is so wondrously sweet    
(As those who have tasted it say)      
That good little children have only to eat     
Of that fruit to be happy next day...

...There are marshmallows, gumdrops, and peppermint canes     
With striping of scarlet and gold,      
And you carry away of the treasure that rains,     
As much as your apron can hold!  
So come, little child, cuddle closer to me     
In your dainty white nightcap and gown,     
And I'll rock you away to the Sugar-Plum Tree     
In the garden of Shut-Eye Town. 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

School Farewell Inspiration

I am sitting here with a blank head. I am creating a dessert table or Lolly buffet for a year 6 farewell. I have gone blank on ideas, well actually I have too many ideas, that it has become a challenge to decide what I would like to do for it. So this Blog post is my top 5 Inspiration picks. Enjoy xxx
Just gorgeous all off them, and whilst my Dessert table is for the big year 6 graduation, I think I cant help myself in doing something similar to these styles. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dr. Seuss inspired -1st Birthday

 I created this party for my Son Joshua's First Birthday. It was a fun theme to play with, plenty of colors, fun quotes, and phootobooth props really helped liven up the day. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much I enjoyed this party.

Children at the party received toothbrushes & toothpaste 
(inspired by The Tooth Book - Dr. Seuss), as well as personalized packets of chalk, to get creative with at home as party favours, winners are grinners... and the parents were super happy.

Bunting flags and photo-booth props added fun to the day. Carmen the photographer was amazing to work with... Just look at the pictures if you need proof :)

Personalized chocolate bars were a hit, thanks to Li-Ann from Ham & Pea Design and Paperie. She designed all the printables for the party from invites, to cupcake toppers, and the chocolate bars. Guest signed the Dr. Seuss Book "Happy Birthday to you", and added personalized messages to my little boy. Great keepsake. Creating new family traditions always makes me happy and we will read it to him every year when he wakes up on his Birthday, and maybe one day, he may read it to his very own family. ***Sigh***

Thing 3... My lil miss cheeky enjoys some of the sweets

Yummy... Cake time, my 3 kids aren't shy to dig in.

My little man enjoying his cake smash... I know I am biased, but he is just a little bit cute I think.

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go …You'll get mixed up, of course, as you already know. You'll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go. So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act." 

Styling, Pin wheels, Cakes, Cupcakes: StylingElegance
Printable designs: Ham & Pea Design 
Photo booth Prop designs: & Ham & Pea Design 
Tissue Pom Poms: Ah-Tissue
Dr. Seuss Bunting: My little Lovebird Bunting
Glass Milk Bottles & Straws: The Little Big Company